Year End.

Well, I never done this before, I mean posting this kind of stuff, but I figure that I want the whole world that I’m thankful of all the things that happen to me this 2016, so here we go.

2016 is not my favorite year but it is one of the best. Even though I have a lot of problems that I faced this year and a lot of friendship problems, also this year I learn a lot of things this year too. And also I receive some wonderful things too, and for that I’m super thankful, especially to those people who stays by my side and also there for me whenever I needed them. And especially to my parents, I’m so proud to call them my parents because of all the things that they’ve given me; they gave me their everlasting love, understanding, and everything they can give, but not only to me but also to my two siblings, my older sister and my older brother. I’m thankful to both of them even if I don’t show it, at least I can make them feel how thankful I am to them. And also to my best friends, for being always by my side and all.

I just want to say to all of them that I LOVE THEM SO MUCH that I can give up everything just to see them happy. That’s all. Thank you. 🙂 Have a Happy New Year Everyone! 🙂

p.s. I know they can’t read this because they don’t even know that I have a blog like, but I still love them. 🙂


Author: quoteslover02

I'm just a normal girl who wants to find happiness. | Archery is my new hobby. | Archer |

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