Is it really that hard to just be yourself? I mean, you don’t have to pretend someone your not just to be accepted, there are people out there that will accept you of who you really are. Okay let’s say those people accepted you, but can they still be at your side until the end? Or will they leave you just because they found out who you truly are? No matter how much you change yourself, no matter how much you say your hurting because they left you, but don’t forget that there are people who cares so much about you, that they are also hurting because they know that you slowly drifting away from them. No matter how much you say that you didn’t mean to hurt them, what’s been done is done and nothing in your power can change that. All you have to do is accept it, learn the lessons and starts to bring back yourself and those people you lose. 



Author: quoteslover02

I'm just a normal girl who wants to find happiness. | Archery is my new hobby. | Archer |

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