“Honestly, I hold in a lot. When I’m upset, I really don’t like to tell anyone. Especially the person who made me that way. No matter how much anyone asks, the answer will always be, ‘I’m fine.’ Even of it’s not true.” 



Author: quoteslover02

I'm just a normal girl who wants to find happiness. | Archery is my new hobby. | Archer |

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  1. I understood about holding things in but its not healthy. I had to learn this the hard way. I no longer hold things in. I cab afford to be sick or unhealthy. Maybe you should find one person that you could share things with when your upset.

    Releasing it will do you great reward.

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    1. Yes, your right. And I have one person that I can share some of it from time to time but I am more of a shy type, you know, I have trouble expressing my emotions. I’m good when giving advice to others but when it comes to myself, I can’t even think of a good advice.

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