“Someday, you will find the one who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.”

📷 by: Me. 



A freaking time bombĀ 

I didn’t know being a good girl can be this hard. I felt like every patiences I have is losing every day and that’s because of my classmates. They’re always depending on me! It’s pissing me of, I mean sure maybe I’m overreacting but I have my limit too just like everyone else. Every day, I find myself controlling my self from exploding out of anger and it’s pretty damn hard. And now I know, I’m a freaking ticking time bomb, a bomb that any minutes now can explode and cause damage. 

Sorry to rant my anger here but this is the safest place to express my feelings. 


“Even the nicest people have their limit.” 

Yep, that is so true. My patience is thinning due to my classmates worsening behaviour. They always call me, asking how to do our assignments, I mean, I don’t mind helping them but they always depend in me, like I will be always be there helping them. I have my own issues and all, and I just choose to just keep my mouth shut because I know that once I open it, I might say things that I will regret and might hurt them. 

But the lesson here is, you have to stand on your own, you have to be independent because that person you always depends might not be always there to help you. And that, you can’t use that person’s kindness for granted, you can’t abuse it because once that person loses her patience, you won’t like the outcome.

P.S. Sorry if I put all my anger here but I really want to say all those things because if not? I might explode haha just joking. :mrgreen:.