I spent my whole day hearing people ask, ‘Are you okay?’ and of course I answered them with ‘I’m fine.’ But the truth is I’m not, it made me so frustrated that you can make me feel this way. Hearing people asks you if your okay over and over again is already frustrating but all I can think about is you. How can you make me this way without effort? You just suddenly crossed my mind last night and here I am spending my whole day just thinking about you. I can’t even concentrate on my class, I almost got scolded for not listening. 

How can you; the one who left me, the one how left without even a goodbye can do this to me? It’s frustrating to think that, here I am thinking of you when I don’t even crossed your mind. You never think of me, I know that much. 



Inspired by Miley Cyrus

We are meant for more
You’re the handle on the door
That opens up to change
I know that sounds so strange
To think we are meant for more
You’re the handle on the door
That opens up to change
I know that sounds so strange
‘Cause you’ve always felt so small
But no, you aren’t at all
And I hope you feel inspired
Oh, I hope you feel inspired…

Save Myself – Ed Sheeran

But if don’t 

Then I’ll go back

To where I’m rescuing a stranger

Just like they needed saving just like that

Oh, I’m here again

Between the devil and danger

But I guess it’s just my nature

My dad was wrong 

‘Cause I’m not like my mom

‘Cause she’d just smile and I’m complaining in a song

But it helps

So before I save someone else

I’ve got to save myself

Mother’s Day

First of all, I want to greet all the mother’s in the whole wide world a Happy Mother’s Day! Especially to my one and only, the most beautiful, caring, kind and hardworking mother! Happy Mother’s Day Ma! Oh, and also make sure to greet your mother the moment you woke up, okay? This is their most special day, so make them feel it, by doing even the simplest thing you can.

I remember when I was young, I would secretly write a letter every mother’s day, or father’s day or valentines day for my parents and would sneak to their room and put the letter to their closet. I’m a very shy person, I mean, I’m shy expressing my feelings or emotions openly, so I always do that. And they would always thanks me after I return from school saying they we’re touched and happy. My mother will always tells our neighbors about it, saying she’s shock and proud at the same time. It made me happy that I can make her or my father happy with just the simplest thing I know.

So again, Happy Mother’s Day Ma! I Love you and Dad! ‚̧